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Production process of natural SVR 10/20

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SVR10/20 production system includes 10 machines of all kinds and 5 stirring pools ( supplied by Quang Trung Mechanical Company. This is the largest unit in Vietnam in providing machinery and equipment for the latex processing industry. rubber; is the only unit in Vietnam and Asean to win an international bid to supply machinery and equipment for the rubber processing plant of KUMHO Group - Korea. The line is highly automatic and semi-automatic; achieves very high accuracy and safety, is trusted and accepted by international customers ), ensuring that the production process of products will eliminate  All kinds of impurities are present in the raw materials, thereby creating the final product (SVR10/20) that meets the standards according to industry standards. This is the production line with the most complete investment in equipment and stirring system, no different from the factories of the state-owned system.
Imported latex will be classified and divided into lots.
Workers collect garbage: plastic wrap, rope, tree chips... at the raw material warehouse.
After checking and handling, latex will be incubated, incubation time is at least 10 days, and the monitoring board will be watered twice a day in each batch, if not, then incubated again.
After incubation, the latex will be put on the conveyor belt into the slicer, through the stirring pool, and washing No
At the No. 1 washing pool, workers pick up trash
After being treated in pit 1, it is put on a bucket conveyor through a cutting machine, through lake 2, workers collect garbage in lake 2.
After processing in lake 2, on the bucket conveyor through the chopper to lake 3,
workers proceed to pick up trash in lake 3 again.
Raw materials from lake No. 3 through 3-axis rolling mill, through Creeper 2. rolling machine.
From the Creeper 2 rolling machine, the raw materials will pass through the Creeper 3 rolling machine through the coarse chopper, where the coarse chopper chops the latex sheet into 4mmx6mm sized nuggets and falls into lake No.
From hole 4 latex is put on creeper 4, creeper 5, creper6, creper7, creper8 where the sheet of latex is chopped 5mmx5mm and dropped into lake 5.
The pus particles will pass through the suction system and then pour into the drying barrel. Workers proceed to fold drawers, number the boxes, and dry them.
The drained latex is put into the drying oven, the drying oven is adjusted to the appropriate temperature for each type of latex.
After being released from the oven, the latex is accurately weighed and then pressed to the customer's request, the rubber is pressed into a 35kg or 33.33kg ball.
Extruded rubber latex will be cut and packaged for testing
Pass and fail latex will be placed on pallets for warehousing and separate batching
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