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Good Quality Raw Green coffee Arabica and Robusta With Best Price For Import From Vietnam - Vinahugo company

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1/ Quick Details

Type: Green coffee

BeanVariety: Arabica, Robusta.

Processing Type: Green

Grade: AA

Maturity: 0.98

Max. Moisture (%): 12.5

Packaging: Hessian sack

Shelf Life: 2 years

Weight (kg): 60

Place of Origin: Lam Dong, Vietnam

Brand Name: Vinahugo

Cultivation Type: common

Certification: ISO 2000, HACCP

MOQ: 1 Ton

Port:  Cat Lai port, Ho Chi Minh port.

2 / Supply Ability

  • 100000 Kilogram/Kilograms per Week

3 / Packing & Delivery

Packaging Details : 60 kg per jute bag or in bulks.Lead Time: 1-15:6 days,16-50: 15 days, >50: To be negotiatedPort : Cat Lai port, Ho Chi Minh port.

4 / Specification

Green coffee
Arabica, Robusta
Processing Type
Max. Moisture (%)
Additional Ingredient
Hessian sack
Shelf Life
2 years
Weight (kg)
Place of Origin
Lam Dong, Vietnam
Brand Name
Cultivation Type
Delivery Time
15 Days
1 Ton
Cat Lai port, Ho Chi Minh port

5 / Product information:

  • Green coffee / green coffee is a way to refer to coffee beans that have not been roasted. We are to the life is too a map and a re renique after harvest.
  • Fresh coffee cherries after peeling will have to undergo processing (dry, wet, honey), resulting in green coffee. Usually one coffee will produce 2 beans. Special, coffee culi has only one core.
  • The classification standards of coffee beans are being used in the world and in Vietnam
    • SCA's standards
      • Vietnam's Coffee Standards
      • Grading Coffee Beans
      • SCAA Coffee Beans Classification
    • Vietnam's Standard System
      • National standard TCVN 4193 : 2012
      • Vietnamese standard TCVN 4807 – Method for determining particle size by hand sieve issued by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment.
  • Process of processing green coffee
    • 1. Harvesting fresh coffee berries
      When the coffee cherries turn red, the fruit is ripe and can be harvested. In Vietnam, the coffee harvest is usually done manually, which is to spread a large canvas under the coffee tree and then pick each ripe fruit by hand.
    • 2. Preliminary processing of fresh coffee berries
      After picking, the coffee cherries will be separated from the pods immediately if the wet and honey processing method is used. Or the coffee cherries will be sun-dried to reduce the amount of water and then peeled if using the dry processing method.
    • Depending on the processing method, coffee beans can be fermented or dried.
    • 3. Reduces humidity
      Coffee beans before packing must be reduced moisture to 12.5%. There are many methods of drying coffee beans such as sun drying or electric drying.
    • Drying in the sun can take 8-10 days and sometimes the beans dry unevenly. Machine drying will ensure that the beans dry faster, but it is important to closely monitor the steps taken to ensure that they are kept fresh. amount of coffee beans
    • 4. Screening, color shooting, polishing
      After the green coffee is dried, it will be screened to remove impurities and classify the size of the beans.
    • Then, depending on the needs of the buyer, the coffee beans will be put into more rigorous stages such as color shooting, polishing.


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