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Dried crispy lotus seeds

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Lotus seeds fried crispy Vietnam Lotus seeds fried crispyLotus seeds fried crispy high quality

DRY Lotus Seeds – The elixir for sleep and health

Hello customers!

Our company provides fresh and dried lotus seeds in bulk for domestic consumption and export, ensuring high quality products are directly cultivated, harvested and processed by our company. The carefully intact source of precious nutrients.

Our export market is Korea, China, Malaysia and USA, Lotus seeds export high quality with best price.

Crispy dried lotus seeds are processed and preserved in the best conditions, so they still retain their nutritional value. Companies and individuals who have needs, please contact us to be provided with the most complete information about the product, below is information about lotus seeds:

Lotus seeds:  crispy dried (processed)

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Process of producing crispy dried lotus seeds:

– Lotus seeds choose uniform seeds

– Choose fresh seeds without pests

– Crispy by dryer

– Standard humidity 10-12%

– No impurities

– No additives

+ No So2

+ No Co2

+ Shelf life: 36 months from the date of manufacture

Packing method of crispy dried lotus seeds:

Packed in 250gram PA bags/bag and packed in 1KG-2KG-10KG/bag PE/PP.

Specifications: Vietnam Dried lotus seeds food snack

Type: lotus seeds food snack

Style: dried

Grade: A

Color : black

Long shape

Moisture: 12-13% max

Broken kernels : 0.5% max

Defective kernels : 0.5 % max

Packing : PE/PP bag 25-50KG/bag net weight per carton, 18 MTS in container 40″ or according to Customer’s requirement

Certification: Phytosantary, C/O

Origin: Vietnam (Goods export standards)

Delivery: 7-10 working days


1. T/T 40% Deposit and 60% balance against B/L Copy.

2. Or by L/C (100% irrevocable L/C at sight).


After harvesting, lotus seeds will be peeled and cleaned. Then put into the Sublimation drying chamber under vacuum with oil agent, the dried lotus seed product   still retains its natural color, does not deform, does not caramelize, does not absorb oil with moderate brittleness. and lotus seed flavor is still preserved after drying.

Nutritional content from Lotus Seeds:

  • Lotus seeds provide the body with essential nutrients such as protit, lipid, glucose, calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc.
  • Lotus seeds are rich in vitamins B1, vitamin B2, vitamin PP, vitamin C…
  • The content of saturated fat, sodium and cholesterol in lotus seeds is very low.

Health value of lotus seeds:

  • Lotus seeds have the effect of enhancing the function of spleen and stomach, ensuring nutrition for the body, regulating the absorption of food.
  • supplement minerals, fiber and especially suitable for the diet.
  • Eating lotus seeds cures insomnia, anemia, picky eating, skin beauty, anti-aging
  • Lotus seeds are also rich in kaempferol, a very useful natural flavonoid that has anti-inflammatory effects, especially anti-inflammatory effects on gum tissues, especially in the elderly group.
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