Fraud warning from the Swedish Trade Office

Company information:

Alphasr AB

Esplanaden 15 234 39 Lomma, Sweden

Org.No .:  559234-9871 | VAT ID:  SE 559234987101

Tel:  +46 701941114 |  Fax:  +46 655578230

Email :  | Web:

This business set up a website to trick Vietnamese businesses into buying. When customers ask to buy, they will forge papers of the tax agency. The deal came to the place to verify, the business address is not real. The tax authority also confirmed that the tax documents were fake.

Recently, many Vietnamese businesses have been deceived with very sophisticated forms. Therefore, it is suggested that businesses should carefully check the information before making the transaction and only pay in secured forms.

Vietnam Trade Office in Sweden

2 thoughts on “Fraud warning from the Swedish Trade Office

  1. Nicholas Kwofie says:

    This company is also selling laptops on alibaba market platform, when I requested for a quote, the rather advice me to email outside alibaba network, I the saw their vat registration ,which I used the number to verify here.
    Thank you for the information.

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