Viet Nam Chili

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1. Bell pepper – sweet pepper2. Dangerous chili – Siamese chili3. Hot chili peppers4. Chili peppers5. Purple chili6. Chili pepper – chili pepper7. Chilli – wind chili8. Ghost chili9. Three million chili peppers10. Rose chili11. Chili pepper12. Giant Chili13. Chili Heart14. Black Chili15. White Chili

    Currently, our business provides all kinds of chili for export: Chili pepper, in large quantities, goods meeting export standards to ensure clean, safe and hygienic products are produced by our company in line. closed modern.
Our export markets: Singapore, China and Korea.
We export by both sea and air, companies and individuals who have needs please contact us for the most complete information, as well as get competitive prices.

1,739$ / TON FOB
1,100$ / TON FOB
2,000$ /TON FOB
1,826$ /TON FOB
2,500$ / TON FOB
739$ / TON FOB
869$ / TON FOB


Green Chilli Vietnam

2,600$ / TON FOB