Indonesia strives to become a country with the largest pulp and paper production in the world by 2020

 The Indonesian Pulp and Paper Association (APKI) aims to achieve total production of 20.4 million tons of pulp and 19.8 million tons by 2020. APKI believes that Indonesia can strive to become a productive country. the largest quantity of pulp and paper in the world, surpassing Brazil, the United States and China.


Currently, Indonesian pulp output is 6.9 million tons / year and paper output is 11.5 million tons / year, ranking 9th in the world in terms of pulp output and 6th in terms of paper output. In 2011, Indonesia’s paper demand was 7.8 million tons. The demand for paper in developed countries increases by 0.5% / year, by 2020 it needs 394 million tons / year, Indonesia has a chance to increase paper export turnover. The Indonesian government sets a target of 10% increase in paper export this year. Last year, pulp and paper exports reached $ 6.2 billion, accounting for 5% of the country’s total exports.

In the future, pulp and paper for export must meet the requirements of the Timber Legality Verification System (SVLK). Paper manufacturers are required to have SVLK if they want their products to be accepted by importers. Indonesia has signed with the EU, the United States, Japan, and China on the implementation of SVLK to differentiate the illegal timber export situation. The Government has appointed 5 inspection agencies to certify producers and process forest products, according to the forest resource management regulations of the Ministry of Forestry. SVLK certification is one of the measures to help increase the competitiveness of Indonesian export products. /.


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