Introducing some famous businesses and brands in Taiwan

Introducing some famous businesses and brands in Taiwan

Trade Office of Vietnam Economic and Culture Office in Taipei summarizes and introduces some famous enterprises and brands in Taiwan for Vietnamese associations and businesses to refer.

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  • I lan Foods Industrial Co., Ltd. (旺旺 中 時 集團): Established in 1962. Business in the food industry.
  • Ting Hsin International Group (頂 新 集團): Established in 1958. Sales of food, grease, retail, real estate, telecommunications. Famous products include Khang Master instant noodles, Vi Toan food, Family Mart supermarkets.
  • Fubon Group (富邦 集團): Established in 1961. Business in finance, banking, construction, telecommunications. Famous products include Fubon Bank, Taiwan Mobile (TWM).
  • Foxconn Technology Group (鴻海 集團): Established in 1974. Sales of electronics. Main products are electronic products.
  • Quanta Group (廣 達 集團): Trading in computers, photovoltaic, electronics, science and technology, products for information networks.
  • Cheng Shin Rubber Ind. Co., Ltd. (正 新 輪胎): Established in 1969. Business in manufacturing and consumption. Main products are tires. Famous brands have MAXXIS, CST, Cheng Shin.
  • Ruentex Group (潤泰 集團): Established in 1943. Business in textile, construction, finance, insurance, circulation, medical services, education culture. The brand has supermarket chains RT-Mart and C-store.
  • HTC Corporation (HTC: High Tech Computer Corporation) (宏達 電): Established in 1997. Business and manufacture of handsets, especially smart phones.
  • Hungtai Group (宏泰 集團): Established in 1975. Business in construction and construction.
  • Formosa Plastic Group (台塑 集團): Established in 1954. Business in plastics, textiles, petrochemicals, electronics, energy, transportation, biological sciences, healthcare, education.
  • Union Group (聯邦 企業 集團): Banking, construction, insurance, leasing, information network business.
  • Cathay Financial Holdings (國泰 金控): Established in 2001. Operating in insurance, securities and banking industries.
  • Evergreen Group (長榮 集團): Established in 1968. Sea transportation, aviation, logistics, and hotel services.
  • ASE KaoHsiung (日月光 集團): Established in 1984. It is the world’s number one semiconductor manufacturing company.
  • Farglory (遠 雄 集團): Construction business, insurance finance, aviation logistics, entertainment services, department store retail, internet, cultural education, healthcare.
  • Hsu Fu Chi International Limited (徐福 記): Established in 1976 in Taiwan. In 1992, the company was established in China. The product is Tet confectionery.
  • Catcher (可 成 科技): Started his business since 1988. Business in manufacturing computers and related equipment.
  • Chang Chun Group (長春 集團) (CCP): A leading enterprise in petrochemicals. Products with plastics, chemicals, textiles, pharmaceuticals, packaging materials, water treatment.
  • ShinKong Group (新光 集團): Established in 1945. Trading in textiles, synthetic fibers, gas, department stores, construction, security services, computers, finance and insurance.
  • Lin Yuan Group (霖 園 集團): Nuclear product is Cathay life insurance.
  • AURORA Group (晨 旦 集團): Established in 1965 in Taiwan. Products with furniture in the office, office automation systems, information systems, 3D printers, icloud, air cleaning equipment.
  • TCC group (台灣 水泥): Established in 1950. Sales of cement, cement products, paper bags, paper production and consumption.
  • Far Eastern Group (遠東 集團): Trading in textiles, petrochemical energy, construction materials, cement, department store, shipping and ministry, internet, construction, tourism, public utility. .
  • Pou Chen Group (寶 成 集團): Specialist in manufacturing sports shoe brands: Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Puma, Converse, New Balance.
  • Yu lon Group (裕隆 集團): Established in 1953. Business of automobile production, textile, high-tech, construction, investment. Cooperating in car production with Nissan and Mitsubishi brands.
  • Hexin Group (和 信 集團): Established in 2003. Business and manufacture of cement, synthetic rubber, power plants, hotels.
  • Media Tek (聯 發 科技): A world leader in IC design, specializing in wireless communication and digital communication.
  • Huanan Financial Holdings (華南 金控): Established in 2001. Business in banking, insurance, securities, trust investment, capital management.
  • GSK Group (全興 集團): Established in 1953. Manufacturing auto accessories, motorbikes, construction vehicles, precision machinery, and mobile components of transport equipment.
  • Taiwan Glass (台玻 集團): Established in 1964. Specializes in manufacturing flat plate glass.
  • DAPHNE (達芙妮 國際): Hong Kong original company. Trading in shoes and accessories, shoe materials. 2006 opened a branch in Taiwan.
  • GEM-YEAR Industrial (晉 億 實業): Established in 1995. Specializes in manufacturing mechanical products, five-needle tools.
  • TPK (宸 鴻 光電): Established in 2003. Business and manufacture in the field of photoelectricity.
  • Quan Lian Welfare Center (全 聯 福利 中心): Established in 1998, receiving the Taiwan Union of Cooperatives. Diverse business and services. Outstanding with retail distribution, established supermarket chain.
  • Chi Mei Corporation (奇美 實業): Established in 1960. Trading in plastic products, rubber products, electronic materials, chemicals.
  • Wan Hai Lines Ltd. (萬 海 航運): Established in 1975. Sea transport services business.
  • Taiwan Electric Power Company (台灣 電力 公司): Established in 1946. It is the largest company in charge of producing, transmitting and distributing electricity in Taiwan. Since there was competitive power generation, the electricity produced by private companies has been acquired by the Taiwan power company. By 2010, the company has 11 hydroelectric plants, 11 thermal power plants and 3 nuclear power plants.
  • Taiwan Oil Company (中國 石油公司): Established in 1946. The English name is Chinese Petroleum Corporation (CPC). The company is a non-business enterprise, is the largest petrochemical energy company in Taiwan, in charge of exploiting, processing, transporting, storing and consuming petroleum products, natural gas.
  • Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. – TSMC – 台灣 積 體 電路 製造 公司 – 台積電): Founded in 1987, is one of the world’s number one enterprises, professional integrated circuit fabrication services.
  • Chieu Exhibition Company: Specializing in organizing fairs and exhibitions.


Trade Office of Vietnam Economic and Cultural Office in Taipei




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