Seafood export handbook to Japan

Japan is the third largest seafood import market in the world with an import value of 15.6 billion USD and an import volume of 2.5 million tons in 2019. Japan is also always among the consuming countries. The largest number of aquatic products in the world, with more than 90% of domestically caught seafood being consumed in the domestic market.

Japanese consumers always focus on health and tend to prefer safe and convenient food products. The food and beverage market in Japan is focusing on the exploitation of multi-functional, nutritious and healthy products in the context of an aging population and a high proportion of the elderly. Japanese society. In Japanese culinary culture, seafood is a commonly consumed traditional food source and is considered to contribute to longevity.
Although enjoying many incentives to cut import tax as committed in free trade agreements between the two countries, Vietnam’s seafood exports to Japan in recent years are still limited and untapped. full potential. A big challenge for Vietnam’s seafood exports is the technical barriers that the Japanese Government has put in place to control imports into this country. Compared to other countries, the technical barriers that Japan set out are much stricter due to the preference of consumers in terms of quality in the Japanese market. This makes it difficult for Vietnamese seafood processing and exporting enterprises to enter and expand business in the market.
In order to provide useful information for exporters, the Vietnam Trade Office in Japan synthesizes relevant documents and compiles the book “Handbook on regulations on seafood imports into Japan”. The Vietnam Trade Office in Japan hopes that the Handbook will contribute to answering questions about Japanese import regulations as well as guide some points to note when exporting, helping Vietnamese enterprises to have standards. be sufficient and suitable to export seafood favorably to this market.



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