The world’s leading livestock and poultry healthcare company in the Netherlands

The world’s leading livestock and poultry healthcare company in the Netherlands

The Dutch GD Health Animal Company ( is a world leader in livestock and poultry health care with a 100-year history of sustainable development since its founding in 1919.

GD Animal Health has by far the largest and most modern veterinary in the world, along with a team of over 400 veterinarians, experts and scientists, conducting nearly five million tests in laboratory every year. GD Animal Health specialists conduct animal and poultry health surveillance, field testing, and development of programs to prevent and fight animal diseases and epidemics.

In terms of international cooperation, GD Animal Health has a very prestigious reputation as a contract research agency for applied science, training and consulting programs; GD Animal Health Academy conducts educational and training activities, animal and poultry health symposiums, veterinary diagnostics and laboratory testing serving farm clients, Veterinary specialist, manufacturing and developing pharmaceutical and feed industry.

GD Animal Health’s goal is ‘Cooperation for animal health, for the benefit of animals, owners and society at large’. Good health is for the benefit of the animals and contributes to sustainable farming. This work fulfills a society’s desire for environmentally friendly, delicious, safe and healthy food. GD Animal Health has implemented these goals over the course of a hundred years.

In terms of livestock and imprisonment disease prevention, according to GD Aninal Health’s leading experts, effective measures are prevention with risk management programs, measures and software, and early detection of disease. , develop, promulgate and implement standard procedures for disease prevention; and when there is an epidemic, use effective methods to locate and properly handle, educate and train breeders as well as the community to apply the correct scientific process, to prevent disease. GD Animal has also developed Plexus software that helps managers as well as businesses and farmers manage risks, apply and promote effective crisis management and treatment. So far, the Netherlands is still successful in stopping the spread of this disease from a region in Belgium with the strict localization and zoning of 50km around the site of the pathogen.

In Vietnam, GD Animal has started to talk with Deheus company in training project development, consulting and supporting laboratory activities.

In the coming time, the Dutch GD Animal Company wishes to strongly develop cooperation in this field between our Dutch partners, both at the government agency, research organization and business level.


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