Introduction to Taiwan Frozen Seafood Industry Association

Meeting the requirements of Vietnamese businesses to find out information about industries, especially information about local businesses, the Trade Office of Vietnam Economic and Culture Office in Taipei summarizes and introduces some information about the Taiwan Frozen Seafood Industry Association, to serve the association and related businesses in Vietnam for reference.

The Taiwan Frozen Seafood Industries Association (TFSIA) was established in July 1976. Affiliate businesses include related frozen seafood processing businesses located throughout the North, Central, South and East regions of Taiwan. A list of member businesses can be found in the “Directory of members” on the association’s website.

The association is a bridge to introduce and support member businesses with business opportunities, international and domestic cooperation. The association is also a bridge between member businesses and the regulatory agencies.

The association annually organizes its members to participate in international and domestic major and important international and domestic trade fairs and events for seafood and food related products in North America, Japan, Russia, China, Kaohsiung city, etc.

Since 1994, the association has coordinated and instructed member enterprises to develop and apply the HACCP regime on food safety management.

Association address: 11Fl. – 6, No.103, ZhongZheng 4 Road, QianJin District, GaoXiong City, Taiwan.

Tel: + 886-7-2411894 / 2211612

Fax: + 886-7-2519603



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